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Beauty and the Budget

 Hey y'all! I am excited to start taking care of this "brain baby" of mine.  Your beauty budget does not HAVE to be a beast. From shampoo to foot cream, we will find the bargains, and not lose quality or luxuriousness doing it. Many companies have apps with rewards programs, we are going to utilize those and learn how to get the maximum benefits available.  Ulta is a great place to start! Download the app and sign up, it's SO worth it. Why Beauty? Why are you making us learn how to find the best product for the least amount of money?  It's simple. Everyone deserves self care. Everyone. And it can be expensive if you don't know where to look. Not everyone can shell out $40-50 for a primer, more for creams and lotions. Foundations can break the bank, and don't get me started on those eye shadow palettes! Don't get me wrong. I do not ONLY use bargain products, but I am very particular about what I feel is worth splurging on. I get those bargains to leave

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